Bourbon Cocktails: Ideas for Thanksgiving

Bourbon Bar: image via Southern Weddings Magazine 

So, anything but girly, I’ve recently been enamored by bourbon based cocktails. A great departure from my dainty bellini or glass of wine, I discovered bourbon is an especially appealing choice for winter. With the right accompaniment, it’s quite delish. This interest all began with my husband, Scott. He started ordering Manhattans every now and then, and of course I had to try. Although epitomizing my favorite city, it took me this long to even think about trying one. Well, eventually I warmed up to the cocktail (no pun intended).

The real turning point, however, was the honey nut old fashioned cocktail from JBird on the Upper East Side. Roasted peanut infused bourbon, honey syrup and aromatic biters. Simple enough but perfect for a cold winter evening. One of our dear friends (Bronson) loved the cocktail so much, he infused his own peanut bourbon at home and replicated the cocktail. He also experimented with a peanut butter and jelly version with simple syrup made from jam.

image via Alexandra 447

Well, now with Thanksgiving upon us, I thought another bourbon inspired cocktail idea was in order. I stumbled upon this “bourbon bomber” recipe on the boy’s club blog. Another indication that I have entered into male dominated territory, but nonetheless I’m sure a few ladies will be happy to try. Apple cider, ginger, agave nectar and spices make up this cocktail. For the recipe click here. I recently posted another Thanksgiving cocktail idea last week.

image via Boy’s Club

The link below gives you tips for creating your own bourbon infusion cocktail kit. A fun gift idea for the holiday or even for your groomsmen.

image via La Partie Sugar

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