Snapshots From Greece

I cannot stress enough how happy I am we chose Greece for our honeymoon. We can’t help but reminisce about the many sights, meals, and sheer beauty we encountered during our stay. We hope to have the opportunity to visit again in our lifetime. The food is some of the best we ever had, but in a way we cannot replicate elsewhere. In yesterday’s post I shared some of my favorite highlights of the trip. As a trip down memory lane I am including some of the photos I took in Greece as well.


The Acropolis was one of our activity days during our honeymoon. I was surprised at how much I loved Athens. Going into the trip I figured it was a nice stop-over on the way to the Islands but it proved to be so much more. The Acropolis Museum is behind me when you scroll down.



These last two photos were taken at my favorite restaurant from the trip. If in Oia, I highly recommend Papagalos. Although not directly on the water, the views are still lovely and the food is top notch.

This was one of our extravagant breakfasts on our terrace at the Katikies hotel. Those tomatoes are unmatched! The same goes for the yogurt.

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    GORGEOUS! :)

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